Be part of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The world changed in 2020, we have the best timing as people are more aware than ever of the risks of living with a weakened immune system

What is the ambassadors program?

Learn, grow and develop a global view

This is a 12-month leadership development program supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and high potential leaders available full time to join us for a chance to positively impact your city while developing your hard and soft entrepreneurial skills

Be an ambassador of your own city

Be a part of something bigger than yourself

Become a well-rounded entrepreneur

Your PINK ticket: What will you accomplish

Each ambassador is paired up with [2] dedicated young proffesionals in marketing and growth and [2] dedicated interns who serves as operations and customer support.

You will have the opportunity to solve challenges together and thrive as a city leader while working remotely with people from all around the world.

  • Participate in the transformation of the world nutrition
  • Make a great impact upon people’s lives
  • Experience the rush of a fast-growing startup environment

Where to begin?

We want to see a real person. A sense of authenticity: who you are when you are not at work is who we are when we are at work.

Screening of the application

Once you decide this is the right program you will fill-out the forms to meet with our CEO.

Explaining self-management

You qualify based on fit for our organization, purpose and role. This is an informal meeting with 5 to 7 getmipulpa colleagues to answer one fundamental question: Are we meant to journey together?

Signing and establish a working agreement

After this last step, a hiring proposal usually follows within 24 hours :)

What to expect from our program

Life skills for your future endeavors

Tech stack

Gain proficiency integrating the latest tech tools such as Airtable, Notion, Trello and Slack

Team player

Get soft skills learning from solving challenges with other culturally diverse and intellectually rich teams

Top level contacts

Play a crucial role in the community and build a network of contacts to enrich your career

Global view

Get the chance to have a wider perspective on global issues discussing them directly with our CEO

Confidence boost

Being able to launch with our support is the best way to increase your experience on the entrepreneurial field

New Leadership

Learn how to run teams and benefit from a cultural shift without a top-down management style

Join our ambassador's program in these regions


Starting from Paris we expect to reach 14 nearby economies
19 available
Join Region

17Latin AmericaFeatured

Our homeland We'll be focusing in expanding first to Brazil
16 available

30North America

Starting from Los Angeles looking to expand all over the region
29 available

15Africa & Middle east

Starting from El Cairo and Dubai we'll find our way to Cape Town
15 available

5South East Asia and Oceania

We'll be in the Philippines, Malaysia and Australia
5 available

35Asia Continental

From New Delhi to Kuala lumpur we are ready for the challenge.
35 available

We are on a mission to open 120 cities

6 cities
opened by 6 amazing interns

5% of 120 goal

We challenge you to open a branch of "GETMIPULPA" in just 12 days and experience a fulfilling year internship.


We are officially looking for our incredible first ambassadors!

Posted 1 day ago

Our job requires strong field involvement and willingness to work for higher purpose. With us, you shouldn't be afraid to get your hands dirty, to speak on the camera, to prepare your smoothies and greet our subscribers every tuesday with a smile. It’s hard, of course, this is by no means easy money, but rest assured, it pays off the effort! And once your city is launched, you will definitely want to get much more involved! ... We told you, once you've tried getmipulpa, you'd want more! Some ambassadors could inspire more than a hundred people. And the potential is still there for you to make it happen!

Recruiting international talent

Posted 3 days ago

Recruiting is hard but we have the best partner. With Angles we have develop a team of Head Hunters which will allow us to depurate the candidates list in a faster way. Your time from submission to approval shouldn't last more than one and a half week. We have made it possible by using tech tools, automating several things but also clarying many points on the contracts. While you work on mastering the does and don’ts of an entrepreneur we will begin searching and preparing a global team especially trained to work for and with you on this journey. As the leader of your city, you will receive the support to make risky and urgent decisions on how to handle important matters: operations, marketing, sales, product development, etc.

Help us to make it happen

Posted 1 week ago

We believe our company is an endeavor that the world needs. It doesn't belong to us anymore. It is an idea ready to be adopted by many cities around the world. This is an invitation for the young entrepreneurial minds to take hands on the game and begin the change we want to see in the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Angles recruits everyone and onboards everyone. Getmipulpa trusts in their team to help them onboard faster and more efficient the process of attracting talented professionals. Angles will help all interns develop a better version of themselves.
First let's get accepted. We'll discuss payment afterwards. We believe everyone will be able to cover the €300/month fee. You can ask for financial aid if that's the case, or just apply for a fixed salary. Top talent is welcome always. Not just the ones with the money can open a city, in case you have underpriviledged conditions please let us know we can give assing a priority for you.
You are free to handle your time. As long as you give the importance and keep the city flourishing we will be by your side.
No problem. Handling commitment is something we need to bear with. It is fluctuating and we are ready to solve issues with you. We can have good communication and find the best way to pass on.
Not yet our company is not open yet for the possibility but maybe we will change it.
The experience you'll earn will get you further down the line and train you for bigger challenges. This is an invitation to learn and create your own thing and solve problems with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Why not if you have the means and want to help us let's do it.