Protecting your health from the inside out

We motivate you to give your body more water and fiber to reduce the risk of disease.

Getmipulpa is a practical solution to nourish your body every day, through balanced recipes to prepare healthy drinks at home

1. Choose your plan

2. Get it every Tuesday

3. Follow the recipes

4. Get healthier at home

From tuestay to tuesday, restore and rebalance

We live with an overload of processed foods that were never designed for the body to accept. We take care of the time consuming tasks to bring you harmony.

We believe in blending. They are not extracts or cold pressed juices.

We are big fans of la pulpa, the prebiotic fibre that keeps our metabolism moving and nourishes the community of living microorganisms resident in our digestive tract.

Unconsciously, the pulp of juices or processed foods is always excluded


Today, in most countries of the world, fiber consumption is well below the recommended levels. The diet of the industrialized world has contributed to the loss of beneficial bacteria or probiotics compared to rural agricultural populations.

What will you get with our solution?


Boost the immune system


Improves energy and concentration


Nourish your microbiota and improve digestion

As you can see, getmipulpa is simple to get healthier!

Don't miss out on the next on

  • Trimester plan

    • We'll work for you during 12 weeks
    • You'll get 1 box delivered each TUESDAY
    • each week you'll get 5 recipes
    • and all the pre-portioned ingredientes to make 10 super juices
  • Monthly Plan

    • 4 free deliveries included
    • 1 box delivered each TUESDAY
    • each box brings 5 recipes for 5 days
    • always different benefits each week

what our beloved getmipulpians say


A story inspired in our daughter.

Inspired by looking for an alternative to live more years of quality with our beloved ones.

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Inspired by looking for an alternative to live more years of quality with our beloved ones.

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