Hi, we are Caro and Gabo, a couple of entrepreneurs who believe in a model that works already around the world to have the best fresh ingredients at home and thus prepare healthy smoothies at home.

We get tired of processed juices, especially those that claim to be 'healthy' and are full of syrups or refined sugar, preservatives, colorings and many bad things that one does not know who to believe.

Where does the idea come from?


We were a couple with very bad eating habits. The worst thing is that we thought we were fine. I was 30kg overweight and thought it was normal. In fact, more than 2000 million people suffer from obesity and we need more efforts to raise awareness about this disease that kills more than 4 million people every year.

We understood the importance of including fruits and vegetables, and we all know that you can try to make recipes that you see on the Internet, but most of the time we did not have the ingredients and maintaining a healthy habit from week to week is very difficult especially whatever accessible to pocket. At the end of the day we returned to the same thing, we ended up buying food at home and one ended up eating very expensive for things that say they were healthy.

We saw an opportunity to see that everyone likes to make recipes but we focused on shakes for their functional component and to start combining many nutrients and vitamins in the diet.


Talking with other people, we mainly realized that women are always looking for what to prepare to better support their partner or their children, and we started talking with our friends who wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So we put together a couple of recipes, we bought the boxes and we set about the task of looking for the ingredients, portioning them and doing the homework for our friends and so we began to take home our well-packed kits with the care that we ourselves looked for. I mean, hoping to create a nice and honest experience.

We sent the first boxes and asked them how they were doing on WhatsApp. We saw that people liked it a lot because they don't have much time to think about how to live healthier and above all because we taught them that simple combinations would taste delicious rather than healthy. This is how we help them improve their nutrition, because just by drinking a smoothie daily they also became aware of the other foods that are part of the daily diet. The shake is only part of it, but it is the best starting point as a good habit makes it easier to take other good habits.

Today we meet people around the world who believe in us and help us to continue working to help more people to have at home the best quality of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, with the best freshness and so on. help them regain control of their health by addressing underlying causes and optimizing bowel function that will allow them to prevent many diseases that stem from obesity.

This is our family business created by @caroco & @gabosarmiento


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