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Plan Semanal 12 Cajas Prepagadas

Total: COP426,000.00

  •  12 box included, one box delivered each tuesday.
  •  6 new smoothie recipes per week.
  •  2 daily glasses of 300ml per recipe.
  •  Pause or skip anytime.
  •  Get your first box starting from next tuesday.
  •  Secure payment.

Al confirmar el pago nos autorizas a enviarte una caja semanalmente. Al cabo de las 12 semanas te notificaremos y tu decidirás si deseas renovar tu suscripción o si deseas pausar. Por lo general nuestros clientes se acogen al hábito mensual o sencillamente si no lo pagas se cancela. No se descuenta automáticamente. No hay clausulas de permanencia. Si deseas suspender esta autorización es muy fácil, nos puedes informar por mail o por whatsapp 3175153493 para que no te enviemos tus cajitas. By confirming you accept our TOS Terms of Service and our privacy policy Privacy policy.

Yes. GETMIPULPA is for anybody who cares about gut nutrition and wants to explore it even more. Around eighty percent of our users are women and twenty percent are men. Some people use it alone, some use it together with their partners or share it with their families.

Starting a habit means finding the minimum task you can do and starting to repeat it every day. The smoothie will help you build and maintain a healthy habit of eating more fruits, vegetables, seeds. The idea is that a good habit makes it easier to maintain other good habits, if you already take care of yourself with the smoothie, it will help you eat better, with less products with refined sugar and less of processed foods. Living a more natural lifestyle is essential for preventing disease.

Our smoothies primarily provide you with nutrients and fiber but aren't just meant to help you lose weight. Weight is not the only problem. A bad diet, yes. It's always low-calorie smoothies. We do not use artificial sweeteners. We limit to two fruits per recipe so as not to make drinks that are fructose bombs. What we believe is that increasing fruits, vegetables, fluids and fiber in your diet prevents disease, lowers bad cholesterol, regulates sugar levels, helps flush out toxins, aids intestinal transit and allows you to go to the toilet in peace. Drinking a GETMIPULPA recipe every day can help you lose weight if you can improve your other eating habits. All our nutritional advice does not replace the work of health specialists, do a health check every year with your nutritionist.

Notify us no later than Monday at 6 p.m. the day before delivery. You can do it via whatsapp 573175153493 or by email

On tuesdays: Morning: 8:30 am to noon. Afternoon: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Evening: 6:30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. Don't hesitate to reach out if you present any inconvenience.

After filling out the suscription form. The only thing we do not handle is cash on delivery. After registration you can select your payment method.

We deliver all over the city of Bogota

At Getmipulpa, we aim to teach you to enjoy what you do for yourself and make it a habit. Our solution is not a substitute for physical activity, managing anxiety or stress, or getting good sleep. Nor does it focus solely on weight loss. We are here to help you boost your fiber intake, compensate for excess in a healthy way and regulate your calorie intake on a weekly basis with the ultimate truly fresh natural solution.